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200W Wireless Phone with Remote Control Unit

For offices where there is not an existing DECT system, the optional Konftel DECT base station will be required and can be connected to any analogue telephone line or analogue phone extension. The Konftel 200W can then be moved up to 300 metres away from the DECT base station. Please note the Konftel DECT base station is not supplied with the Konftel 200W, it is an optional extra. You are no longer restricted to holding conference meetings in areas where a telephone line is present. The Konftel also needs connection to a power source. The Konftel 200W features OmniSound technology, which keeps the speech sounding clear and natural. The conference system is fully duplex and transmits sound in both directions, so all participants can speak at the same time and be heard. The powerful central microphone has a 360-degree coverage and its three built in surround speakers deliver high quality sound to all listeners. This lightweight and portable conference phone provides its user with full telephone functionality. There is a well designed keypad with volume and mute controls and an easy to navigate menu where you can set the time, date and enter up to fifty name and numbers into itss directory. The large Blue backlit LCD display shows various call information and is easy to read and understand.You can expand the microphone range further with the optional extra microphones, which when attached to the Konftel 200W will stretch to the far ends of a long table to pick up the voices of meeting participants who are sat too far away to normally be heard. The loudspeaker volume increases with the addition of these microphones and the coverage area is more than doubled from 30m² to 70m².    

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