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Acer MWiHD1 WirelessHD Set 60GHz

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Want to break free from the limitations of cables? Paired with an Acer WirelessHD A/V kit (optional accessory), you can wirelessly project Full HD 1080P without compression. Even 3D content streams smoothly. WiHD gets rid of annoying cables and at the same time produces stunning image quality. Technical Spec Antennas: 24 Antenna Array           Data Transfer Rate: Maximum of 1Gbps Frequency Band: 60GHz Standard/ Core technology: WirelessHD 60GHz Video/Audio: 1080p/60f audio and video content with 4 Giga bit per second without compression Supported 3D Format: Blu-ray 3D Power Consumption: Max: 3.5W / Typical: 2.5W Operating Temperature: 0 to 40°C ambient temperature Storage Temperature: -20 ºC to 70 ºC ambient temperature Dimension Transmitter, MWiT1: 88x73x30mm Receiver, MWiR1: 99x28x17mm Works with P5515, P1525, P1502, P1387W, A1300W, P1385W, X1385WH, A1200, P1287, P1285, P1185, V7500, H7550ST, H7550BD, H6502BD, H6518BD, H6517ST, H6517BD, H5380BD, H5382BD, H5383BD, Z650 Acer Projectors.

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