August EPA20 Bluetooth Beanie Hat Review

It’s a simple idea and an obvious one when you think about it, a hat with Bluetooth speakers in!

The August EPA20 is exactly that, a beanie hat which has two little speakers stitched in.  First impression may cause concern that the inclusion of hard plastic speakers would make the hat uncomfortable to wear, but this isn’t the case; they sit nicely on your ears and the speaker position can be adjusted to allow this to be a one size fits all cap.

August EPA20

One of the speakers has the controls and the battery which is charged via USB. In theory you’d never need to remove the speakers from the August EPA20 as they can be charged while inside it, but if you do want to remove them to wash the cap this is quickly and easily done by sliding them round to the exit point.

Pairing with your phone is is quick and easy and the controls on the cap means you’ll be able to leave you phone in your pocket.

The cap is very comfrortavle and keeps your head nice and toasty, however the speakers are just OK. They offer little in the way of bass making music rather tinny. They’re fine if you want to listen to talking, so great for audio books while out walking, but this won’t replace a dedicated set of headphones for those who enjoy good quality sound.

A nice novelty item that is actually useful, makes for a good little stocking filler.

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3 / 5 stars     

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