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Like many others I was excited to play the newest installment of Simcity, having loved the earlier games since my Amiga 500 version. Lets start with the ...

Withings Wifi Scale Review

£29.99 £36.99

Like many of you reading this I wanted an easy way to track my weight and see if the various foods or workouts I try have an impact. I did a lot of looking ...

Harry Potter has had a worldwide cultural impact that will resonate for years to come.  With fans worldwide but no more books or films to look forward to just ...

As a self confessed huge fan of the Sins of a Solar Empire games I was both surprised and excited when a collectors editions was released.  But after waiting ...

After pre-ordering the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control finally arrived today! First impressions are good, it comes well packaged and Firebox also ...

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The I Amsterdam city card offers loads of inspiration if you're looking to explore the cultural side of Amsterdam and are not sure where to start. ...

F.lux Review


F.lux logo F.lux is a simple application that sits in the background and you don't even notice it...until it's switched off.  The basic idea is simple, as ...

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  1. Sorry, I don’t know. They are excellent headphones, perhaps see if the manufacturer is still in business and can supply some?

  2. Both the original and Flux have shooting star effect.

  3. The units just have a bulb in, the disc determines what colours are projected. You’d need to check out the available discs to see if any meet your requirements.

  4. Glad you found the review useful. I’m not an Apple user so couldn’t comment on Airplay support. I did have a little try at the Android side of things but soon realised it was a bit of a waste as all my apps can be downloaded directly to the console, so if you store things in the cloud it has full access to it anyway. It’s a fun little device if you’re into tweaking and tinkering, although after a while the menu system can get annoying, it got a little too sluggish for my liking.

  5. Sounds very odd, I’ve not encountered any problems. The only obvious thing to check is…have you turned the volume up on the iPad?!

  6. Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer with full details of the kit you’re using to see if it’s compatible.

  7. Thanks for the feedback. The Pebble was actually really reasonable, paying on a credit card it cost just £96.54 with a non-sterling transaction fee of £2.88, £99.42 in total, that included shipping and there were no additional charges once it arrived in the UK.