AVM launches FRITZ!OS 7.25

AVM, maker of some of the best routers available, has announced their latest exciting update has started to roll out this week.

FRITZ!OS 7.25 is a free update for FRITZ! products with focus on working from home and user convenience, providing over 70 new features and improvements for all FRITZ! products.

Reacting to the global shift of people working from home the focus of this update has been on delivering benefits across a range of uses, whether for video conferences while working from home, streaming your favorite series, digital learning or gaming fun.

FRITZ!OS 7.25 delivers users a number of new benefits as well as stability and security to all FRITZ! products. The new FRITZ!OS is available now for recently reviewed FRITZ!Box 7590. The update will be rolled out gradually for all other current FRITZ! products.

Being an easy to use product, users will get FRITZ!OS 7.25 automatically if the auto-update function has been activated. If this is disabled it’s just a matter of going to the fritz.box user interface and tapping on “Start Update”. For more information, go to en.avm.de/fritzos.

Here are 11 key new features:

1. Working from home – set priority devices

Users can now easily prioritize the notebooks or computers they use when working from home. The feature is now also offered directly for the network device in the FRITZ!Box Mesh Overview. When the internet connection is at full capacity, the device gets preferential treatment when using the internet. This is extremely useful when taking part in video calls and meetings, for example.

2. Simplified parental controls

It is now even easier for parents to stay in control of online times and accessible web content. Parental control tickets, which allow additional time slots, can now be better managed on the FRITZ!Box interface. Tickets can now be marked as “distributed” and can also be reset.

3. Manage phone calls more easily – higher transmission quality for mobile networks

For the growing number of telephone calls, the update brings a variety of improvements for ease of use and telephony configuration in the FRITZ!Box. This includes the completely redesigned setup screen for call diversion and call blocking. In addition, transmission quality has been improved for calls to mobile sites with weak cellular connectivity. The redesigned telephone book management means users can, for example, copy and move entries between different telephone books. This helps users separate their professional and private life.

4. Fine tuning for even better Wi-Fi

With more and more devices in the home network, the demands on Wi-Fi are constantly increasing. FRITZ!OS 7.25 includes a number of enhancements for even better Mesh Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi auto channel selection has been further optimized in FRITZ!OS 7.25, ensuring streaming, gaming, or home schooling runs reliably on multiple mobile devices,

5. Weather information on FRITZ!Fon

FRITZ!Fon gets a new home screen that displays current weather information, as well as a forecast for the next few hours and days. Users can now choose between a total of nine different FRITZ!Fon start screens, depending on their preferences.

6. Disable hotspot and answering machine

The FRITZ!Box’s Wi-Fi guest access and answering machine can now easily be switched on and off with the FRITZ!DECT 440 smart switch. In addition to FRITZ!App WLAN, the user interface and FRITZ!Fon, FRITZ!Box users now have another option to quickly offer guests a Wi-Fi hotspot. In the future, if you want to turn the answering machine on again during your lunch break, all you’ll need to do is press a button.

7. Measure humidity with FRITZ!DECT 440

The FRITZ!DECT 440 smart switch can now measure and display not only the temperature but also humidity. The humidity level can be displayed directly on the FRITZ!DECT 440, in the FRITZ!App Smart Home, on a FRITZ!Fon or in the FRITZ!Box user interface. Users get notified if the humidity is too high or too low. This ensures an ideal indoor climate at all times, which is even more important the more time you spend at home.

8. Data backup for internal storage

The FRITZ!Box’s internal memory for images, ring tones, or voice messages has received a data backup function. This allows for the corresponding data to be easily backed up and transferred to a new FRITZ!Box, for example.

9. FRITZ!Box LTE models get text SMS log and SMS sending function

The FRITZ!Box LTE models get significantly improved text (SMS) support. In addition to the new text (SMS) sending function, there is now also a new text (SMS) log that lists received and sent texts. The push service for SMS messages can now also be used for the SMS sending function

10. Fax journal and optimized setup

Especially in a business context, fax is still important. At the request of a number of users, a new fax journal has been integrated, which summarizes received and sent faxes. Setting up the internal fax machine can now be carried out at a central location for sending and receiving. In addition, opening newly received fax document(s) automatically clears the blinking Info LED on the FRITZ!Box, which indicates a new fax.

11. More stable internet connection for supervectoring and Long Reach VDSL

For DSL models such as the FRITZ!Box 7590, the interaction with supervectoring connections (35b) on DSLAM remote sites has been further improved and, at the same time, the interoperability for Long Reach VDSL has been increased.

Mark J Draper is a self-confessed gadget lover who forged a career in the telecommunication and utility industry while maintaining a hobby of writing and filming reviews that are published on YouTube and Reviewify.co.uk.