F.lux Review

F.lux is a simple application that sits in the background and you don’t even notice it…until it’s switched off.  The basic idea is simple, as darkness falls we often continue to use our PCs, but in the lower light levels... Read more

Quidco.com Review

{rating} In brief Quidco.com offer a fantastic service which, if you remember to use it, can really help stack up the cash.  The very modest fee of £5 is taken in a way which ensure you only pay if you are getting cashback, there is really no... Read more

Huawei Blaze Review

The Huawei Blaze represents astonishing value for money. A couple of years ago a phone with the range of features this has would have costs hundreds, now it can be picked new up for around £100 from the likes of Amazon. It has an aging... Read more

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Review

{rating} Many moons ago there was an amazing game that kept me coming back to my Amiga 1200, that game was K240.  Build up your asteroid, create ships, and take over other asteroids.  It was brilliant, had fantastic replay value and was a game... Read more

Nokia Asha 302 Review

The Nokia Asha 302 is a simple, but stylish, QWERTY keyboard handset for those who want a basic mobile. The classic Nokia interface is easy to use and updates the familiar Nokia interface with social media integration. Although a little bulky... Read more

Nokia C2-01 Review

The Nokia C2-01 is a classic Nokia handset at the budget end of the market.  Designed for those who want a simple phone to talk and text with some internet ability the easy to use keypad make this a perfect second phone for when you want to... Read more

Nokia Asha 300 Review

The Nokia Asha 300 demonstrates why Nokia once ruled the mobile world.  A slick design which combines both a traditional keyboard with a 2.4” touchscreen provides users with a modern twist on the candybar design.  A simple to use interface... Read more