4 years later is Gousto still worth it?

4 years later is Gousto still worth it?
4 years later is Gousto still worth it?

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I like to review a range of products and services and so, in 2015, I thought I’d give Gousto a try. It ended up winning me over and got a very favorable review.

What I didn’t know at the time was that Gousto would become a standard feature of life, it’s now 2019 and I’m still using them!

The premise remains the same, you sign up, pick the meals you’d like and you get a box full of tasty ingredients and recipe cards.

You can pick items via the app or website, if you forget to do this and don’t cancel the box you’ll get sent a random selection.

In the last 4 years Gousto have gone from strength to strength. After my original review I found the meal options were a little limited, I’d see the same options come round again and again.

This has been addressed over the years with lots of options added, including a wide selections of vegetarian and vegan options. I’ve a friend who is a vegetarian and married to a vegan and they love Gousto, often the vegetarian options just need a minor adjustment to make them vegan, it’s given them lots of ideas and lots of tasty meals.

With so much choice Gousto have had to add a range of filters to help pick your next set of tasty meals:

Beef & pork
Everyday favorites
10 minute meals
Healthy choices

There have also been lots of partnerships, most recently Joe Wicks, of Instagram fame, has come on board to add his own selection of meals. Gousto also do special menus, at the moment they’re offering a ‘Journey through Italy’ over 6 weeks, 11 regions and 15 recipes.

At Christmas you can expect seasonal options and if you’re having a few people over they also offered a range of sharers, think skewers

As you’d expect from a growing business they’ve also expanded beyond meals; You can add drinks, deserts and utensils to your order which all get delivered in the same box.

While I wouldn’t claim to be a great cook, Gousto has helped me try out new techniques and ingredients. For example I now know how to make risotto and that I really don’t like coriander!

One of the most impressive moves Gousto made was a price reduction. No, that’s not a typo, a company has chosen to reduce prices! In a time of in contract price increases due to RPI clauses I had to read the notification 3 times to get my head round that one.

Where 3 meals for 2 people once cost £34.99 they now cost £29.99, or you can get 4 for £34.99.

4 years later, is Gousto worth it?

So is Gousto still worth it after 4 years? Absolutely! The recipes are easy to follow, the food tasty and if there is a problem (e.g. delivery issue, missing ingredient) the customer service is excellent.

100% recommend Gousto and if you want to give them a try you can use the following link to get a special offer on your 2 boxes, and I’ll get £15 towards future boxes (so thanks in advance!):


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