Acoustic Treatment for my YouTube Studio – GIK Impression Panels Review

Editor choice GIK Impression Series Acoustic Panels

Price dependent on product

Acoustic Treatment for my YouTube Studio – GIK Impression Panels Review
Acoustic Treatment for my YouTube Studio – GIK Impression Panels Review
Price dependent on product
Great customer service
Range of designs and colours to choose from
They work! Echo has gone when recording
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YouTube Echo Problem

At the start of the year I moved my YouTube recording “studio” out of the small box room and into a larger space. One thing I didn’t consider was the introduction of an echo into my recordings, caused by the flat surfaces and lack of soft furnishings in the room, and that’s where GIK Acoustics helped out.

I did a lot of looking around for a solution, the space doesn’t allow for the addition of a sofa and I didn’t want carpet in the room so decided to go for acoustic treat to reduce echo in the room.

There are lots of options available but I settled on GIK Acoustics products because I wanted them to look good and didn’t fancy lots of egg box like foam on the walls.

When you visit the website (https://gikacoustics.co.uk/) you’ll see a range of products, don’t worry if you’re not sure what to get as the staff are very friendly and happy to answer any questions you might have. After a few emails back and forth the Impression series was recommended to me along with some tiles I could ceiling mount.

The Impression series gives you a range of options, there are different shapes and sizes and you can customize the design and colour of the panels. The hexagonal ceiling panels I chose could also be colour customised.

Damaged Panels

I was impressed with the speed of delivery, there were warnings it might take a while but they actually arrived the same week. I was less impressed with the care taken by the delivery company, the large Impression wall panels arrived badly damaged with chipped corners.

To their credit, GIK Acoustics offered two solutions to the issue, partial refund or replacement panels. I went with the replacement panels as they may feature in videos and didn’t want them to look damaged. On arrival I was disappointed to find the panels cosmetically damaged, this time the damage was minor and the company provided me with a partial refund.

Acoustic Panel Installation

The wall panels were provided with a couple of mounting brackets. There aren’t any instructions included and I didn’t think the brackets looked very easy to use so decided to wall mount these like a picture. Despite their size the panels aren’t that heavy, they have a wooden frame you can hammer in to and it didn’t take long before they were up on the wall.

GIK Acoustic Impression Series Panels mounted on the wall next to two albums: Mansun's Attack of the Grey Lantern and SIX.

The hexagonal panels were even easier. They didn’t come with any sort of mounting kit, like the wall panels these weren’t very heavy and a batch of industrial Velcro strips were ordered. The Velcro was easily strong enough to allow the panels to be stuck to the ceiling, completing the rooms acoustic treatment.

VELCRO Brand Heavy Duty Stick On Tape - 50mm x 2.5m, Black
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GIK Acoustic Hexagonal Panels mounted on the ceiling.

Acoustic Treatment Results

There was an immediate different to the room acoustics, could an hour of mounting products have really created an echo free YouTube recording studio?

I fired up the camera and recorded my recent review of Shorby and on editing the video was immediately impressed with the audio difference, the echo was gone and the video sounded a lot better.

As well as making the room a better place to record audio the wall panels also look brilliant, the striking design looks great on the wall and I don’t even notice the ceiling mounted panels.

If you’re looking for acoustic treatment for a home studio I highly recommend checking out GIK Acoustics. The staff are friendly, the service was great, the panels look good and I’ve been very pleased with the results. You can hear the difference by checking out my YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/mdraper37

To learn more about the products available visit: https://gikacoustics.co.uk

9 Total Score
Fantastic acoustic panels

GIK Acoustics panels look great and help my videos sound better than ever

  • Great customer service
  • Range of designs and colours to choose from
  • They work! Echo has gone when recording
  • Damaged on arrival
  • No instructions/mounting suggestions included
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