Acrylic Master Glass Look Floating Sign Review

Editor choice Acrylic Master House Sign


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Acrylic Master Glass Look Floating Sign Review
Acrylic Master Glass Look Floating Sign Review
Good quality signs
Customise with own design
Order supports a social enterprise
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Acrylic Master transform your design into reality. Customise your sign for your home, office, or just to put up on a wall in a few easy steps.

Floating home signs look fantastic and they can be used in a range of situations, as house signs, office signs or, as in my case, a garden cabin sign.

While there are lots of pre-made signs available what do you do if you fancy something a little different? That’s where https://ukhousesigns.com/ come in with the Acrylic Master floating sign.

If you’re not a fan of ordering from unknown websites you can place an order via Amazon

Virtually Unbreakable Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Remedy Plastic Half Pint Glass, Pack of 6

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Acrylic Master House number sign (12" x 6")

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£13.99 £16.99

The ordering process is very easy and isn’t restricted to black and white, you can make use of colour as well (although black tends to pop off the sign more than the colours).

A really nice consideration when ordering is that you’ll be supporting the Diamond Social Enterprise which aims to give young people with disabilities an opportunity to learn news skills and develop employment prospects as orders are prepared and packed by members of the scheme.

On arrival you’ll get a small installation pack that includes the sign and fixing kit. You’ll need to have some DIY skills to install, for example you’ll need to drill into the wall surface.

You can see me install the signs in my review video, here are stills from the video showing the steps I took:

Acrylic Master Fitting Instructions

As you can see you’ll need:

  • Level
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver

It’s not a complicated process and it takes around 10 minutes (less if you’re a confident DIYer)

As well as installing on a brick wall I also installed a sign on a wooden cabin.

Signs placed outside will naturally get dirty over time. To clean you need to use a lint-free cloth and water, you must not use paper towels as they might scratch the acrylic.

The installed signs look great and they’re very reasonably priced, highly recommend them.

Update April 2020:

I made the review video in 2015, I’ve had the signs for 5 years now and they still look really good. I still highly recommend ordering this product if it’s something you’re interested in.

9.5 Total Score
Custom house signs

Easily create your own cust sign for home, office or garden

  • Good quality signs
  • Customise with own design
  • Order supports a social enterprise
  • DIY installation not for everyone
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