ADATA SD700 Waterproof SSD Review

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The ADATA SD700 is a portable SSD drive for those who might have the odd accident when out and about.

It’s available in a either 256GB or 512GB sizesas well as either with a black trim or the green/yellow trim you can see in the video review below.  The SD700 has a nice compact form, square rather than the rectangular shape of a lot of drives.  As well as the main drive you get a short USB cable, the perfect length for a travel device.


There is optional software available from the ADATA website (details available on the packaging) but this isn’t required to use the drive, you can just plug it in and you’re up and running.  Tested on Windows 10 there were no installation issue and the drive was RAPID!

As you’ll see in the review video below it copied around 2.5GB of files from the laptop to the drive in under 10 seconds.  You’ll see a second test of a much large amount of files, and both times these folders contains a large number of files used in to create previous videos for the YouTube channel.

The SD700 is IP68 rated and this turned out to perform well when the drive was deliberately dunken underwater.  The SD700 actually floats if dropped in water, it won’t sink, so had to be forced under to check it remained waterproof.  After the quick bath the drive was plugged into a laptop and powered up without any problems, the trip underwater hadn’t bothered it at all.

It’s a really nice small size, it doesn’t weigh much at all, can store a good amount of data and has protection from dust and water at a very good price.  Cracking little drive you’ll have no worries about if you’re carrying it out and about.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2id6poE and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2jrpG6G

ADATA SD700 Waterproof SSD Video Review

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