AOTOP FPV Drone with 2MP Camera Review

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Kindly sent to me for review, this is a compact little quadcopter. The main body measures about 10cm and comes with a 2MP camera pre-installed.

Along with the drone you get a small screwdriver to fit the blade guards and landing skids, replacement blades, a remote control and a mobile holder for the remote.

The drone is charged via an included USB wire that plugs into the bottom of the drone. It takes a while to charge up, which is a pity as it rather breaks the flow of flying when you need to give it a good hours charge. Tricky to say exactly how long the battery lasts due to my inability to keep it in the air for a long period of time, I would estimate around 10 – 15 minutes, which might not sound a lot but when you start/stop as much as me that actually lasts a long time.

The remote takes 4 x AA batteries and on connection with the drone you need to push the stick up and down before flight.AOTOP Drone Roll

The drone is much easier to control and fly than previous quadcopters reviewed, after a little practice you’ll be swapping between hovering in place and zipping around. The left stick is used for throttle and rotation, the right stick for forwards/backwards and left/right movement.

The drone can also do tricks, press the right D-Pad to select which way you’d like it to loop and then press the shoulder button and watch it perform some aerial acrobatics.

As you’ll see in the review video I still need to get some further practice in, fortunately this seems robust and able to take a crash landing or two!

The camera can be viewed in real time via a free app. Note that there seems to be two versions of the same app on the Google Play store, one version didn’t seem to record/playback video correctly so I’d suggest testing it out before heading outside for a spot of flying. There isn’t a memory card slot on the drone, or if there is it isn’t especially obvious.

The app allows you to record footage directly to your phone, which can be mounted on the remote for easy viewing. Image quality is OK, it’s good to playback flights to see how smooth you can get the footage.

Fun little drone to get the hang of without the massive price tag that higher end models command.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/23yqWKt


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