Arctic P402BT Headphone Review

Having recently tested the FSL 360 and August EP650 headphones just how will the Arctic P402BT headphones compare?  They are the least expensive of the three sets of headphones, but not by much.

The P402BTs came well packaged and included with the headphones was both a USB lead and a carry bag.  The carry bag is a cloth bag, useful for protecting them from scraps in transit but they offer little physical protection.

The design of the Arctic P402BTs has been kept minimal, they’re black with a silver finish and all the controls you need are located on the left ear.  These controls allow you to skip forward and backwards, adjust the volume and answer calls.  Although the controls work fine they could do with a raised bump on them as when wearing the headphones it’s not obvious to the touch what the controls are.  Pairing was nice and simple, you just pop the headphones into pairing mode by holding the multifunction button down and then use your mobile/tablet/pc to pair with them.

The headphones are OK, but not great.  They sit on top of your ears and the small size of them means it’s likely a bit of your ear will stick out.  The controls are tricky to use, you can skip tracks forward and back but the use of small buttons makes them fiddly to find when on the move. 

Just OK really sums these up, for the price I was disappointed with the sound quality as it was…just OK.  Music lacked depth and the bass was very poor.  If these were half the price they would be worth considering, but at the time of writing for just for just £5 more you can get the August EP650 headphones, or if you want a set with a carry case the FSL 360, both of which are better than these in every way.

Worth considering if they have a price drop, check them out on Amazon: http://goo.gl/cYussC

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