Asustor AS6102T NAS Review

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The AS6102T is a NAS by ASUSTOR.  They may not be a brand you’ve thought about buying before, but they’re certainly a brand you should consider if looking to purchase a NAS.

ASUSTOR offer a range of options, ranging from home to office solutions.  The AS6102T is aimed at those looking for a brilliant home NAS, but could just as easily be used in a home or small office setup.

The AS6102T is powered by ‘the latest Intel Celron N3050 processors’ (apparently the first NAS to be so), and features dual-channel memory with the ability to upgrade to a maximum of 2 x 8GB.

This is the second ASUSTOR NAS reviewed, the original AS-202T has proven to be a brilliant addition to Reviewify HQ.  The AS6102T is replacing it and as such wasn’t setup from scratch, instead the existing drives were migrated over.

A quick word on setup, if doing so from scratch the process is very easy and is driven by a web GUI that guides you through the process.  Including hard drive installation you can be up and running in under 20 minutes.

While setup from scratch is easy, migration was even easier!  Take the hard drives from the AS202T and pop into the AS6102T.  Done!  All files and options remain as expected, the only additional step in this case was to reinstall some apps as the AS202T is 32bit and the AS6102T 64bit.

Physically the AS6102T is a nice looking bit of kit (for a NAS!).  It’s black and on the front are notification lights, 2 hard disk caddies and a USB 3 port.

Around the back are additional USB ports (2 x USB 2 and 2 x USB 3). There are 2 x gigabit Ethernet, 1 x S/PDIF, 1x HDMI 1.4b, and 2 x eSATA ports.

The HDMI port is an exciting addition and allows the AS6102T to plug directly into a TV (or projector) and act as a full media centre via Kodi (a free, and brilliant, media organising app for music, videos and photos).  At the time of review Kodi had just been upgraded to v16, Jarvis.

AS6102T Back

When viewed on the TV the AS6102T has a nice and simple big button menu.  A controller isn’t included in the box, but if you plan to use Kodi something like the Sumvision Airmouse works brilliant as a keyboard/remote.

The real power and flexibility is found when logging into the AS6102T web dashboard.  There are a huge amount of options available so it’s well worth spending time looking through the various menus.

One of the first areas to check out is the app menu.  Having been established for some time there is a wide range of apps available for ASUSTOR devices, there are download apps, media apps such as Plex, photo management apps, web hosting apps, content management systems, the list goes on and it’s this flexibility that means the AS6102T is more than just a storage device.

The apps don’t stop with those installed on the NAS as there are a number of mobile apps available for both Apple and Android mobiles that provide you with useful access to your files wherever you are. I personally make use of AI Master and AI Data, I don’t use the music streaming app as I prefer Plex (which can be used with this NAS) to access media.

Note the security camera app, the AS6102T can act as a full CCTV monitoring system providing you use compatible cameras.

Some of the NAS apps communicate with the outside world and can need ports to be forwarded on your router.  The AS6102T has a really smart system for keeping this a really simple process, it automatically setup the required forwarding on an Asus router.

You can also get a special web address (e.g. MySpecialNAS.myasustor.com) that allows you to access and log into your NAS from outside your network.

The AS6102T is happy to just be a file server, sitting on your network and keeping your data safe.  However, it’s capable of so much more!  The flexibility on offer is brilliant and make this a fantastic long term investment.

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1R3ztK6 and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/1S4wmnB

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