ATailorBird Digital Cable Travel Case Organiser Review

In a world full of the wonders of portable technology comes the problem of the cables and connectors that go with our gadgets and gizmos. 

The ATailorBird travel bag aims to help keep your various cables and connectors organised and tidy. It’s available in small, medium or large, the medium is the size being reviewed. 

Made from water resistant material, the bag has two zips running around the side.  These turned out to be a weak point for the water resistance, letting in a little water when subjected to a heavy downpour. 

The top compartment is idea for cables, half of it is criss-crossed elasticated bands allowing you to store a range of cables or small items such USB dongles.  The other half has a small netted compartment, useful for small items such as SD cards. 

ATailorBird Travel case

The bottom compartment is deeper and has compartments that can be configured to your needs by moving Velcro walls.  This can hold larger items such as camera chargers or even small lenses. 

There is a carry handle on the top and it looks like a smart bag.  The compact size means it’ll easily fit into a suitcase, overnight bag or backpack. 

In use you can pack a lot of kit in to the small space, and because each item it held in place it means it’s quick and easy to find what you’re looking for rather than having to empty out a load of cables to find the specific one you’re after. 

Overall it does a good job of keeping your kit dry, although, as noted above, it does let a little water in via the zips.  The material can be quickly wiped off to be mostly dry. 

This is a handy bag for those with lots of cables or small items they’d like to keep stored in an organised manner.  The handle means it be easily taken out and about and the compact size means it’s ideal for general day to day storage even if you’re not heading off anywhere. 

The ATailorBird bag is available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2wY7zQJ and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2wqh35Z

ATailorBird Digital Cable Travel Case Organiser Video Review 



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