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ExpiredAudiio.com Lifetime Deal

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Lifetime access to an incredible music and SFX catalogue

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A new music licensing website, Audiio.com, has recently launched with a very special offer: for a single payment of $199 (about £160) you get lifetime access to the platform and all the licensed music, both existing music and any tracks added.

When you consider most licensing websites charge either a monthly or annual fee (usually around $199 per year) this is a really good offer.

I generally make use of the YouTube Audio library, I find it has a lot of great music with the quality getting a lot better in the last couple of years. However, while good, it still can’t compete with the paid for sites and that’s where this was a no brainer purchase for me.

Audiio allows you to listen to a short clip of any track (about 20-30 seconds) without signing up for an account or making a purchase. Doing so allowed me to hear the quality of tracks and it didn’t take me long to make a purchasing decision!

When browsing you can filter by a certain element, e.g. instrumental only, male or female vocals or genre to name a few. One filter it really needs is track length, at the moment 1 minute tracks are mixed in with 5 minute tracks, but I’ve been assured by Audiio this is being developed at the moment.

You have the ability to listen to tracks in your browser, something I’m doing as I type this, at the moment you’re unable to set the browser playback volume, another suggestion I’ve given them. This would be really useful when you want to try different songs out with your video without downloading them, play in the browser, set the volume so it doesn’t overpower your video and see if the music and video work well together.

A more advanced feature I’d like to see is the ability to search for keywords/phrases in song lyrics, for example you might want a hip hop song that contains the words power and energy.

For a relatively new service, the website is already very polished and there are literally thousands of tracks available, with the promise of more added on a daily basis.

The lifetime offer was originally available until March 2020, but it’s been extended with no defined cut off date. Click here to check current Audiio pricing.

10 months later, was Audiio.com worth it?

Since purchasing the deal in January I’ve been making use of the music available, there is a good selection and a number of tracks have now appeared in videos I’ve created.

The website can now sort by duration of track, which has been one of the filters I use the most.

New music has been added and it’s all much better quality than I’ve previously had access to via the YouTube Audio library.

I initially found a couple of videos gained YouTube copyright claims, the first was my fault, I didn’t spot the track hadn’t been cleared for YouTube use. The second was cleared and the strike removed once I provided a copy of the license (downloadable from your Audiio account).

Far more of the music has now been cleared for use on YouTube and I haven’t run into any further issues.


Audiio have recently added unlimited SFX downloads to the site. I’ve had a brief listen and they sound great, with a wide range of sounds to choose from. Anyone who purchased the lifetime music access can purchase the SFX categlogue at a discounted rate.

As with the music offer the SFX catalogue is currently being offered for a single one time purchase for lifetime access, combined with the music offer this is a crazy good deal for any content creators.

Don’t miss out, click here to check current Audiio pricing.

Audiio.com Lifetime Deal
Audiio.com Lifetime Deal
$199 one off $199 a year


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