August EP640 Bluetooth Headphone Review

The August EP650 headphones were reviewed, and loved, last year, so can the EP640s measure up to the older set?

They get off to a good start costing less than the EP650s while retaining a good build quality and style to them.  They’re available in a range of colours, you’ll see the black ones in the video below.

Setup is very easy, these have NFC built in for quick paring meaning you’ll be quickly listening to music. Controls are located on the right ear and are easy to use due to being slightly raised so you can feel where they are. Around the main button is a light that indicates these are powered up and ready for use, I couldn’t see a way to switch this off.

EP640 Headphones

Under the controls, on the base of the ear, was the micro USB charging port. Brilliant under the left ear was a 3.5mm input, allowing you to plug these in to your mobile/mp3 player/laptop and use them without turning them on, a great feature for those travelling.

Sound quality is very good, these offer a decent bass and can go really loud.  The on ear cup style means you don’t get any wind interference when walking out and about (plus they keep your ears warm, bonus!).

Overall the EP640s are fairly comfortable, although they can feel like they’re squeezing your head a little too tightly. Despite this pinching sensation they slip off fairly easily with any vigorous head movement, so you won’t be able to rock out with them on!

A good set of headphones for the price, but if you can afford a little bit more they haven’t done enough to dislodge the might August EP650s from the top spot, they’re a tad more comfortable.

Available now from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1IkrMgW  and Amazon com: http://amzn.to/1w2D2JA

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