August WS150 and WS300 WiFi Multiroom Speaker Review

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August have been responsible for some great products and now they’re looking at taking on Sonos by providing a more budget friendly option for those looking to setup up a multi room speaker system.

At the time of review two speakers had been launched, the WS300 and the WS150.  They share the same look, rectangular blocks with chunky buttons on the top, but the main difference is the WS300 is larger and better suited to staying in your home or office whereas the WS150 is more of a portable speaker.

August WS150

The WS150 is the smaller of the set, this is a more traditional sized Bluetooth speaker that also happens to pack in WiFi.  Around the back of the WS150 you’ll find the USB charging port, on off switch, Aux in port and a MicroSD card slot.

August WS150 Speaker

Sound quality is very good considering the small size, it’s easily able to fill a room and offers a good all round quality.  A decent bass, but for a bit more umph you’re going to want to get the big brother.

August WS300

Following the same design as the portable WS150 this looks almost identical, just bigger.  The main difference is round the back there is no microSD card reader, but there is a USB out port that allows you to charge your gadgets.

There is a battery in this so it is portable, but it’s more portable around the home/office/garden than throw it in your bag portable.

Again the sound quality is excellent, it’s not just the speaker that is bigger the sound is too, the bass is bigger, the quality is a little better, it’s a great speaker to have for the home.


WiFi Smarts

Both speaker can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, streaming music directly from your mobile, but to really get the most of this you want to set them up on WiFi.

Setup is made very easy thanks to the August app.  Note that if you have a problem connecting the speaker to your WiFi network it might be because you phone is connected on the 5G WiFi band and the speaker can only connect via the 2.4G WiFi band.

Within the app you can see the current compatible streaming services, at the time of review that includes Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and the ability to stream from your mobile, it doesn’t currently support include Amazon Music or Apple Music. Hopefully additional services can be added as the product matures.

If streaming over WiFi you don’t need to worry about your device being close to the speaker, you don’t even need to be in the same room, you just need to be connected to your home network and you can control the speaker.

There is an additional advantage to being a WiFi speaker, if you have multiple speakers you can create a multi speaker setup.  The speakers can either play different music or all play the same music and this is all controlled via the app.

The system works brilliantly, with music in sync across all speakers.  You still have control of the individual speaker volumes, handy if you want to create a party area and then a more chilled area with lower volume music.

The speakers can also be unpaired and used individually, although note that if you use a paid service such as Spotify you’ll need 1 paid account for each speaker, so 3 speakers needs 3 accounts to listen to 3 different tracks.  When the speakers are linked they act as 1 speaker so only a single Spotify account is required.

Both speakers are brilliant as stand alone units, and getting just a single speaker can be the start of a multi room system for far less than the better known brands, but get a few of these units together and you have a lot of flexibility be they in the same room or in different rooms.

The August Multiroom WS150 and WS300 speakers are available now from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2aa6AOP and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2a52vKW

August WS150 and WS300 WiFi Multi Room Speaker Video Review

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  1. Reply
    Joris Vleminckx 28/09/2016 at 1:55 pm

    Any idea how many August speakers can be set up in multi-room configuration, all playing the same tune? I currently have a setup with 3 and it works fine, but I am thinking of adding a 4th speaker.

  2. Hello. Is it the case that you can only use the multi-room function if you use an android or apple device? As far as I can see the multi-room only works through the app – which is not available for Windows. I’ve searched around and can’t find anything but this is quite an important consideration if not.


    • Correct, to setup the multi room group you’d need to use the app. Once setup you can use Spotify on the PC to play music to the system. If you don’t have an Android or iDevice you could try BlueStacks: http://www.bluestacks.com/ which lets you run Android apps on your PC.

  3. Fantastic review, infact I bought four WS300 speakers for my multiroom
    system and I am very satisfied.
    But now I am observing that the speakers are always connected to
    internet and infact the led of my router is blinking continuously
    (internet led).
    No other device is connected to internet now and the all speakers
    (WS300) are in standby (no play, no audio) and when I turn off the
    speakers, the LED of my router stops flashing.
    What kind of data the speakers are exchanging on internet (with August’s
    servers I suppose)? Why?
    Can you try?


  4. Hello. Thanks for this review. I wanted to know whether WS150 has a auto turn off feature i.e. does the device turn off after a certain time not using it? Thank you

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