AUKEY 2 in 1 Lens Kit for mobiles review

The Aukey 2 in 1 lens kit is designed to give you additional photographic options when using your mobile camera.

The kit comes with a cleaning cloth and small bag for storage and transport.

The kit is made up of 3 main components, a wide angle lens, a x10 macro lens and the mobile mounting clip.  The clip should work with almost any mobile phone, although you might struggle to get the lens into position if your camera is mounted very near the edge of your mobile phone.

To use the macro lens you screw it into the mount and clip it over your mobiles camera lens, it’s that simple.  To use the wide angle lens you screw that into the macro lens, so it’s fairly quick to swap between lenses.

You’ll notice a different as soon as you attach a lens.  Tested on the OnePlus 3T the macro lens allowed for much better close ups that were nice and clear and had a good depth of field.

OnePlus 3T Macro Lens OnePlus 3T No Lens

The wide angle lens also performed well, giving a much wider field of vision that the phone could achieve on it’s own.

There is one downside to this product: it blocks the flash.  At least it does on the OnePlus 3T, where the flash it located under the camera lens.

As the lens clip is made from black plastic it prevents the flash from working as it should.  This problem could’ve been reduced had a transparent plastic which lets the light through been used in the design rather than black, although it then wouldn’t match the style of the black lenses.

Providing the scene is externally well lit you can get some great results with the lenses, they open up new shooting options and are compact enough to carry around when not in use.

The Aukey 2 in 1 lens kit is available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2mcvsKD and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2lNUaFX

AUKEY 2 in 1 Lens Kit for mobiles video review

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