Ausdom M04 Bluetooth Headphone Review

The Ausdom M04 are a low cost set of Bluetooth headphones that land in amongst some tough competition the likes of August.

The M04 headphones were easy to set up and pair, note these are paired via the traditional Bluetooth method as they don’t feature NFC.

Rather than fold down, as other headphones do, the earcups rotate. This allows you to ‘flatten’ the headphones when travelling.

Interestingly the controls on located on both left and right ears, rather than all loaded onto a single ear.

Certain controls have a raised nodule so you can tell the difference between keys you’d want to press when out and about, such as volume or track skip, and keys you want to avoid such as the power button.

Ausdom M04 Headphones

For the low cost it’s great to see an aux in port so they can be used unpowered. An aux cable is included with the headphones.

The Ausdom M04 headphones are fairly comfortable, they did feel a little tight compared to other headphones tested at this price range.

Sound quality was reasonable for the price, although music sounded a little flattered compared to something like the August EP640.

They do a good job of blocking out the outside world, but be aware that in some situations the outside world will be able to hear whatever you’re listening to due to sound leakage.

Good value for money set of headphones.

Available now from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1G4I5xA and Amazon com: http://amzn.to/1bGtgG4

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