Ausdom M05 Bluetooth Headphone Review

The Ausdom M05 are a comfortable set of low cost Bluetooth headphones.

As well as the M05 headphones you get a fabric carry case, aux cable and USB charging cable.  If travelling the headphone cups can be rotated round to allow the headphones to sit flatter, useful when popping them in a bag or case.

Oddly the USB port on the headphones has a fiddly cover whereas the aux port has been left open. Personally I’d prefer easier access to the USB port seeing as that’s what I’d be using more often over the aux port.

There are controls on the headphones for play/pause, track forward/backward and volume meaning you don’t need to use your phone to control music playback, it can just sit in your pocket or bag.

The aux port allows you to use these without needing to turn them on, they just act as wired headphones, you’ll just not have the ability to use the controls for things like volume, skip etc.

Ausdom M05 Headphones

Sound quality is very good, better than I expected, with a decent bass and loud volume. One thing to note is that they do leak a fair bit of sound.

The headphones are very comfortable, with good padding, and they stay secure without feeling like you’ve got your head in a vice.

Good headphones, just be aware of sound leakage.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/29YDu9e and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/29JSbHr

Ausdom M05 Bluetooth Headphone Video Review

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