AVINTA T808 Dash Cam Review

The AVINTA T808 dash camera is a nice looking unit considering the low price. It’s fairly big in comparison to other dash cams, but this provides you with a large screen on the back. This screen is useful for the menu and checking what the camera can see, fortunately the screen will automatically turn off when driving.

Setup was nice and easy, there are lots of options in the menu you’ll want to take a look at before fitting the car (if only to set the correct date/time), once ready the unit comes with a nice long USB cable that can be tucked around the windscreen. It comes with a removable windscreen mount into which the camera screws, this allows you flexibility in where you pop the camera and how you position it.


A memory card is required and that just slips into the top. It can be easily removed for viewing footage or you can plug the T808 into your PC/laptop via the included USB cable.

Footage is very good considering the low price, the T808 gives clear results and the wide angle lens works really well to capture footage from across the field of view (see the example in the video below where it captures all 4 lanes of the motorway plus some one the other side).

Sound is also clearly recorded, you can hear the directions given by sat nav in the video. If you’d rather not have sound recorded this can be turned off in the options.

Overall the AVINTA T808 is a good option if you want good quality footage recorded without shelling out a lot of money.

Available via Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1SI6oH7

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