AZOLT Gaming Keyboard + Mouse Review

The AZOLT USB keyboard and mouse combination is a very low cost way to potentially replace the dull stock keyboards often bundled with PCs.

There are two options available, the black (reviewed) or a gold colour.  Both feature an aggressive looking design, one best suited for gaming PCs rather than your office PC!

Aiming to add a little light to your desktop both keyboard and mouse come with lights built in, with the keyboard allowing you to rotate between 3 different colours: Red, blue and purple.

It should be noted that the keyboard sent for review, which is presumably the one sold on Amazon UK, featured the US keyboard layout rather than UK layout.  In practice this isn’t going to be too much of a problem unless you’re not sure where certain keys such as the £, ” or @ keys normally are.

Along the top of the keyboard are a row of media keys which, on Windows,  worked without having to install any specific software, just plug the keyboard in and it auto detects and installs anything you need.

For a low cost keyboard it actually provides a decent typing experience, with a somewhat chunky feel to it, although it lacks the quality finish of something like the Sumvision Nemesis keyboard.

AZOLT Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

The lighting is a nice touch and it’s quick and easy to rotate between the different colours at the press of two buttons.

The AZOLT mouse also contains lighting but rather than you picking the colour it rotates through a range of colours.  While functional, the mouse is a bit of a let down. It feels far too light and the design, which included back/forwards buttons on the side, led to the side buttons being pressed accidentally. It’s usable, but not likely to be something you replace even a stock mouse with.

Not a bad little setup for the low price, but it’s let down by the poor mouse and having a US layout for UK users.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1xJ4YFH, similar keyboards on Amazon com: http://amzn.to/1BRXZ8h


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