Bengoo LED Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Bengoo LED speaker has a very interesting shape to it with the top half very angular in design.  This dome covers the glittering inner LED lights that help set this speaker apart from other low costs speakers.

As well as the speaker Bengoo have included a USB charging cable that doubles up as an aux cable for items you want to plug in rather than use Bluetooth. This cable is plugged in at the back where you’ll also find an on/off switch and memory card slot, so you could use this without any additional device.

Music quality is OK, about average from a low cost speaker, it easily fills a room with a good volume without distorting the sound quality.

Bengoo LED Speaker

but where this stands out is the cool light display. Rather than just standard lights this has a glittering look to it, giving it something of a sci-fi look that’s rather nice to look at. Using the included remote control you can change the light colour and set it to different modes, such as flashing in time with the music (note you need the volume up for this to work really well).

Looks good on a shelf with the lights flashing away, plus with the speakers facing backwards popping this near a wall will reflect the sound back into the room.

Very cool looking speaker.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1WJEgYs and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/1OiqzwY

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