Crystal Acoustics Blu-DAC Bluetooth Receiver

Crystal Acoustics are on a mission to free your music.  Services such as Spotify and Deezer offer a great way to listen to music, but unless you were prepared to shell out for some expensive kit such as the Logitech or Sonos range you’ve had limited options to make use of such services.  One option is to buy a bluetooth speaker such as the Cambridge Minx Go.

But what if you’ve got a good speaker system, one that blows away bluetooth speakers?  Well the Crystal Acoustics Blu-DAC Receiver is the unit for you!  A small box, the Blu-DAC Receiver is very easy to setup.  it comes with a set of cables to get up and running (a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and a converter), but if you want to to can also use an optical cable (which isn’t included in the box).

Just pair the Blu-DAC Receiver with whatever you want to play audio from (e.g. mobile, tablet, PC) and away you go!  It’s a nice small unit, easily hidden away next to a surround sound amp.

Testing this with Deezer on a HTC One X and the sound quality was excellent.  The range was also good, the mobile needed to stay in the same room but could easily move around the room without any interruption in play.

Cracking little unit that once set up you can just forget about, sit back and enjoy the music.

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