Braun CoolTec CT2s Electric Shaver Review

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Following on from the recent review of the Braun Waterflex we have a shaver that is design for the opposite situation: for use without any water or gel at all, surely such use was asking for face pain?!

Well actually no, as the Braun CoolTec has a special trick between its foils: a cooling bar. This metal bar quickly cools down once the power is turned on and gives you a very cool sensation when shaving. In use this cooling bar really does help keep your skin from burning up and feeling uncomfortable, although anyone with especially sensitive skin will still want to apply a cream after shaving.

You do have the option to turn off the cooling bar with a button on the front, while this might help get one last shave out of your battery it’ll be a painful one!

Braun CoolTec ShaverThe cooling bar and the lack of products required would make the CoolTec perfect for those on the go…except it doesn’t come with a travel case and requires a docking system to charge it via two contact points on the back, there is now way to charge with just the wire. This means that rather than being a compact way to shave on the go is actually something that’ll hog some space in your suitcase.

The charging dock does look good and if you’ve a bathroom power point it means you can leave this out and tidy, although as there is now bag having the dock hold the cleaning brush would’ve been a bonus.

But what about the shave?  After all that’s why you’d buy this.  In use the shave is close, closer than expected given you don’t need to prepare your face beforehand, but not as good as a wet shave.

If this had been designed as an on the go razor, with case and the option of charging without the cradle, then it’d be well worth considering. As it is you’re paying for the cooling bar, which isn’t really needed if you’re at home and can use water/gels/foam/oil with either a wet shaver (such as Brauns own recently reviewed WaterFlex) or razor, both of which will give you a closer, more comfortable shave.

Available on Amazon now: http://amzn.to/1rnrSNd

40B BRAUN Mens Electric Shaver CoolTec Foil & Cutter Pack Set Head Replacement Cassette, 2 Count

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  • Foil & Cutter Head Replacement Cassette for CoolTec Shavers
  • Quantity: 2 Cassettes
  • For optimum performance; clean regularly. Brings back 100% performance
  • Blades should be replaced every eighteen months
  • Made in Germany

Braun CT2s CoolTec Men's Razor - Black

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  • Automatically cools and soothes the skin during shaving to minimise skin irritation
  • Conform to the contours of your face and capture long and short hair with every stroke
  • The double shaving foil and an integrated centre trimmer shave even more thoroughly
  • Brauns special cutting parts, optimised for outstanding thoroughness and skin comfort
  • Box contents: Braun CT2s CoolTec men's razor

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  • Get back 100 percent performance on your Braun shaver for a fraction of the original cost
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  • Easily replace your Braun shaver parts every 18 months to maintain peak performance
  • Small investment, peak performance

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