Bruno King Sized Mattress Review

The Bruno mattress is joins the growing trend of mattresses being delivered directly to your door, buy the idea being that you cut out the middle man at the shop and you get a reduced price, and in theory a better mattress for your money.

This isn’t a new concept, indeed earlier this year I reviewed the Eve mattress that operates on this very model.

Being happy with the Eve mattress the Bruno was delivered to a relative who agreed to help me test it out.

The Bruno arrives in a tall box and, unless you hit the gym a lot, you’ll likely need a few people to get it into position. The long box made pushing it up the stairs fairly easy, but was a hindrance when trying to get it round tight corners.

Turns out the way the Bruno is packaged means the box can actually be removed before trying to lug it upstairs as the mattress is rolled up and vacuum wrapped. Once on the bed frame you free the mattress and it unrolls and expands itself in an impressive manner.

As well as the mattress you get a little welcome document and a box of tasty chocolate Bruno bears, YUM!

You need to leave the mattress for a couple of hours to fully settle and firm up. The Bruno is hand assembled in German and is made from latex because, I’m told, latex is naturally breathable and has antimicrobial properties.

Bruno cutout

I haven’t personally slept on the mattress so I should explain why I decided to get some help for this review. As you’ll see in the review video below my helper is in her 60s and suffers from spondylosis, basically problems with the spine.

This is an important point as the Bruno team claim the design has a 7 zone support system that “supports the spine while relieving pressure points in the shoulders and hips.”

Bruno is just right

The mattress in use before Bruno was approximately 8 years old and had been causing some discomfort as well as being a tricky to get out of in the morning due to it sinking the sleeper sinking into a dip.

Although the Bruno mattress comes with a multi night trial, which includes free returns and a full refund, it took just a single night to benefit from the Bruno.

The morning after the first nights sleep I expected a call to report early morning on how things had gone…but that call didn’t come until much later as, for the first time in a very long time, our willing test subject had overslept!

The mattress has proven to be a huge hit, it offers excellent support which has lived up to the claim regarding spinal support, it’s firm without being hard, and there was no sinking feeling that resulted in having to climb out of a hole in the morning.

Interestingly the Bruno has also proven to be far better at keeping the bed at a comfortable temperature, eliminating a problem of waking up too hot.

The mattress has now been in place for almost four weeks and when I asked if I should arrange a return was told “You’ll have to return me with it!”

Mattress technology might not sound too exciting, but as most people spend a large amount of time in bed it’s important to have a good quality mattress. With a range of internet options available now is an ideal time to replace an ageing mattress and the Bruno is an excellent option.

The brilliant design has genuinely helped improve the quality of sleep, and therefore the quality of life, in a very short space of time.

The Bruno is available in a range of sizes and can be ordered directly from: https://www.brunosleep.co.uk/

Bruno Mattress Video Review

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