CHUWI Hi10 10.1 Inch Windows and Android Tablet Review

The CHUWI HI10 is the the second Chewi tablet I’ve tried, the first being the smaller 8″ version.

This offers a bigger 10″ screen as well as some additional ports, making it far more suitable to use as a Windows tablet.  Unlike a lot of tablets this comes with USB ports built in, allowing you to use this as a full PC with a keyboard, mouse, or by adding additional storage via an external drive.

It runs both Windows 10 and Android 5.1 you get the best of both worlds, although once you’ve tried both you’ll likely just use one of them over the other.

When you turn the tablet on you get to pick which OS to use, it’ll default to whatever the last OS used was if you don’t make a selection.

Chuwi Hi10 Tablet Size

Personally I still find Android better suited to tablets, however with the large screen this actually works well as a full PC, especially when using things like Word or excel.

It should be noted that to switch between operating systems you’ll need to reboot the device, for some reason when doing this from Windows it seemed to take a really long time, so don’t expect to easily switch between the two.

Also note that the two run independently of each other, which means you’ll need to enter things like your WiFi password twice and set up your accounts twice.

It was nice to see the tablet free of unwanted programs, and there was enough space to load up a couple of large games on Android.

Games work well, they look good on the large screen although that size can make on screen controls a little awkward to use and I’d recommend using a gamepad if you plan on gaming.

The camera, as with most low cost tablets, isn’t brilliant and provides dull, washed out, photos.  Any video you take is at least nice and smooth.

The Hi10 is a chunky tablet, but that does allow for the use of full sized USB ports.  Windows lends itself to work better on large screen tablets, and if you’re not liking the experience you can always swap to Android.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2e1YugZ and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2dZDrrU

CHUWI Hi10 10.1 Inch Windows and Android Tablet Video Review

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