Cobra Electronics JumPack Review

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The Cobra JumPack joins the growing range of portable power banks that can charge your gadgets and jump start your car in an emergency.

As well as the Cobra JumPack you get a USB cable to charge phones/tablets or for charging the JumPack itself, jump leads and in car charger so you can charge the JumPack.

Disappointingly there isn’t a case included, a strange decision given this is meant to be stored in car with all the various cables.  This is the first car jump starter I’ve tested that didn’t include some sort of case for easy storage of all the components.

Cobra JumPack

The JumPack contains a 6,000 mAh battery and a small LED torch, a handy feature if you need to jump start a car in the dark.  At this price the LED torch is standard, the 6,000 mAh battery seems a little low in comparison to competitors.

Fortunately for me the car jump starting element has not been needed, so that hasn’t been tested, but as you’ll see in the review video it does a good job of topping up a mobile so at least you’ll be sure to be able to call for help if it’s something other than a flat battery.  It’s only able to charge USB devices, other units I’ve reviewed come with a range of options, for example the ability to charge laptops.

While it’s a nice looking bit of kit, the Cobra JumPack seems very expensive compared to other units on the market, especially with the small battery size and lack of case or charging versatility.

Duronic AM/FM Radio HYBRID | Charge 3 Ways: Solar Power, Wind Up, USB | Dynamo Crank Charging | Headphone Jack 3.5mm | Portable | For Emergency Use | Perfect for Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Outdoors

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as of 25/02/2021 5:27 am


  • - DECEIVINGLY SMALL: Don’t let this petite radio fool you; it may be small but it has some nifty features. This Hybrid radio has clear sound, good reception and can tune in to both AM/FM bandwidths. It has two easy to control rotary dials: one for tuning into a station, the second for volume control. If you have trouble tuning into your favourite station, simply extend the aerial and re-position it until you find crystal clear sound.
  • - CHARGES 3 WAYS: It’s called the “Hybrid” for a reason! To be completely versatile we have designed this radio to be able to charged in not one but THREE WAYS: 1) Wind up by using the crank handle on the back, 2) Solar charge by leaving in direct daylight/sunlight, 3) USB charge by plugging into a USB adapter or into a USB port. USB cable charging itself is especially versatile as it can be done practically anywhere without the need to always carry around a bulky charging cable.
  • - READY WHEREVER, WHENEVER: Take this radio along with you on all of your adventures. It’s perfect for camping, glamping, fishing, hiking, walking, trips to the park or beach, or even beside the pool on holiday. The Hybrid is also the perfect companion for the garden shed or garage when working on your hobbies, or just around the house. It’s also great to have simply for emergencies like power cuts.
  • - LIGHTWEIGHT and PORTABLE: Small, compact and portable this radio measures just 13cm x 7.3cm x 4.1cm making it perfect to take out and about with you. It’s lightweight too at just 203g so you’ll hardly notice it’s in your bag! It has an antenna that can extend to 33cm to help you achieve a better signal no matter where you are.
  • - SPECIFICATIONS: LED indicator light to show when it’s charging. 3.5mm headphone jack socket. Reception scope of the FM: 88-108 MHz. Reception scope of the AM: 530-1650KHz. Speaker Driver Diameter: 4cm. Internal built-in battery: 300mAh/2.4V. When fully charged the battery will give you 7 hours playback time. Charging Times: Cranking/wind up 1 minute = 20 minutes playback / Solar charging 5 hours = 30 minutes / Solar charging 20-30 hours = 7 hours.

Silverline 594260 Insulated Jump Leads 600A Max - 3.6m Long

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  • Long 3.6m jump leads for emergency starting of flat batteries
  • Strong crocodile-type clips for positive connection to terminals & bodywork
  • Insulated clips for extra safety against shocks
  • Quickly provides strong, consistent charge to flat battery, allowing it to start in minutes
  • For starting of car batteries with up to 600A start-up power

Powerball NSD Autostart Range - Hand, Grip, Wrist & Forearm Rehabilitation & Strengthening Gyroscopes (Pro Fusion)

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  • EXERCISE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE – NSD - Power Ball 280Hz Autostart Fusion Pro features a convenient automatic starting function, simply wind the rotor back 3 times and release for an instant, fuss-free start every time – no cord needed!
  • BUILD POWERFUL MUSCLES - Powerball is a highly-effective arm exerciser and grip strengthener that generates up to 16kg of isometric resistance for a full upper body workout that rapidly builds muscles in the forearms, hands & shoulders
  • EFFECTIVE REHABILITATION – Using Powerball for just 3-5 minutes each day is successfully proven to rehabilitate and soothe all hand, wrist, elbow and arm conditions (eg. sprained wrist, humerus fracture, scaphoid fracture, finger & wrist pain, lateral epicondylitis, numbness in hands and RSI such as carpal tunnel syndrome & tendonitis)
  • ENHANCE YOUR TECHNIQUE – Powerball is an efficient hand exercise ball that will dramatically improve grip strength, hand & wrist flexibility and finger dexterity, making it a must-have fitness product for all sports players (particularly golf, tennis, climbing, cycling, basketball, cricket, martial arts) and musicians (piano, drums, guitar, etc.)
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS - NSD Powerball 280Hz Autostart Fusion Pro is equipped with a multi-function LCD speed meter for precise fitness monitoring, and blue and red induction-powdered LEDs which create a spectacularly-radiant lightshow as you spin at speeds of up to 18,000rpm

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