Conbruv T33 Mini Spy Camera Review

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The Conbruv T33 Mini Spy Camera is exactly what you’d expect, a mini camera for spying.

It’s a tiny little gadget that has very little to it.  It’s got the camera on the front, microSD card slot, MicroUSB charging port and indication lights around the back and a couple of buttons on top…and that’s it!

In the box you get a charging cable, manual and magnetic holder with swivel head.

The manual is well worth a read as it’s not entirely obvious how to use the camera out of the box.  A quick skim of the included guide had the camera setup and running very quickly.  One thing to be aware of is the camera has date/time information added to the footage and this needs to be set via a file the camera places on the microSD card.

This isn’t designed to be a security camera like the Canary, instead it’s compact form makes it easy to position discretely in a number of locations, moving it around so the 110 degree lens can take everything in.  There is also a microphone on board but the audio quality isn’t brilliant, it can be hard to make out what people are saying on playback.

To prevent the battery being quickly drained the T33 can be triggered to record when it detects motion.  This works well, but be aware it’s sensitive enough to be triggered by pets, you’ll see a cat triggers a recording in the video review below.

Footage looks fine, it’s a security camera so it doesn’t need to be TV broadcast quality, you can clearly see what’s going on and who (or what) has triggered the recording.

Impressively the T33 also has night vision built in, however the camera can have a few issues when it’s not sure if it should switch to night vision or not.  You end up with it turning night vision on/off/on/off/etc giving a strobe like video.  When it does switch over to night vision the image is very good considering this is a tiny camera.

However, while the Conbruv T33 isn’t perfect it does do the job it’s designed for well.  It’s a mini camera that records when it detects motion and is compact enough to be discreetly placed so it’ll go unnoticed.

The T33 is available from:

Amazon.co.uk: https://amzn.to/2Pkappf
Amazon.com: https://amzn.to/2Lbn8qI
Amazon.ca: https://amzn.to/2vV0oXt

Or directly from Conbruv via: https://www.conbrov.com/product/hidden-spy-camera-conbrov-t33
use code: conbrov20off for 20% off.

Conbruv T33 Mini Spy Camera Video Review

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