CREEV Mark V Prime Android Mobile Review

The CREEV Mark V Prime is a budget 4G budget Android mobile lives up to the low price tag.

It’s available in grey or white and features a nice large 5″ screen (1280×720), a plastic back, and it can it can take 2 SIM cards. ┬áThe plastic design means it’s iight in the hand which could be seen as a pro or a con depending on how weighty you like your phones to feel.

When buying from Amazon there are also options to grab a┬ábundle which includes a case and screen protector, worth considering as it’s unlikely anyone else will make a case for such an unknown brand.

For general day to day use such as web surfing, video streaming etc, the Mark V Prime works fine but the low budget means sacrifices have had to be made and it’s not great on the camera front.

Photos were washed out, when looking on screen the image was very laggy making it difficult to line up the shot and video quality was poor (see example in the video review below).

Creev Mark V Test Photo 1 Creev Mark V Test Photo 2 Creev Mark V Test Photo 3






Gaming was also disappointing, while fine for very basic games it struggled with Asphalt8 and Modern Combat 5, both games were playable but they weren’t very fluid.

Note that if buying this mobile you’ll need to make sure you get a memory card with it, there isn’t a massive amount of storage space included and after updating some apps and putting on a game I’d run out. I had to uninstall one of the games before installing the other.

At least while playing games you get a decent sized screen which allows you to use onscreen controls without blocking your view.

This is a budget mobile so you expect some areas to be weak, if you’re not fussed about gaming or photos then it could be the budget phone for you.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2cr5VOS

CREEV Mark V Prime Video Review

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