D-Link DCS-935L mydlink Home Monitor HD Review

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The D-Link DCS-935L web camera is part of the mydlink Home range of internet connected devices and offers a simple way to monitor areas of your house.

The camera has a good built quality and sits on a hinged stand that can either be used to position it upright, for example on a desk/windowsill, or to a wall using the included fixing template, raw plugs and screws.

It’s a fixed position camera, there isn’t any pan/tilt functionality.

A power cable is included (wall plug on one end, micro USB on the other), the wire length is fine for use stood up but very short if you intended to wall mount it.

The DCS-935L features a microphone and night vision LEDs (that can illuminate up to about 5 meters) on the front and power/setup keys on the back.  Surprisingly for the price there isn’t a memory card slot to record footage.

Dlink DCS-935L Camera

As with other products in the mydlink Home range the camera is setup using the mydlink Home app.  Included in the box is a small card containing two QR codes, one for the app, one to tell the app what you’re setting up.  Scan the camera QR code in the app and you’re taken through a simple setup process that attaches the camera to your network and to your account.

Once setup has been completed you can access the camera and whatever it’s looking at via the app.  Picture quality is good and you have the option of listening live to whatever the camera picks up via the built in microphone.

The app also allows you to take a photo of whatever the camera is looking at as well as changing the view mode between automatic, day mode or night mode.  Night mode is really only required where there are is almost no light at all and where the camera isn’t looking out of a window (as the lights will be reflected off the glass blocking any image).

The camera operated fine without night mode where it was looking out onto a residential street with standard street lighting.

D-Link have put the microphone and camera to good use by allowing alerts to be set up based on either motion being detected, or sound hitting a defined level.

These alerts are pushed to any mobile that has the mydlink home app installed and can be set to trigger only during certain times.

The D-Link Monitor does exactly what the name says, it monitors.  Although it misses out on some features this is a well built little camera that is easy to setup and use.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1b6MZOJ and Amazon com: http://amzn.to/1Du0Loh

D-Link DWM-222 4G LTE USB Adapter, Up to 150 Mbps Download, USB 2.0, Plug and Play, Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

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D-Link DIR-X1860 EXO AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Router with Gigabit Ethernet Ports, MU-MIMO, Band Steering, 1024 QAM, OFDMA, Firewall, Parental Controls and Speedtest. Works with Alexa/Gooogle Assistant, Black

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D-Link DCS-2670L Outdoor Full HD IP Surveillance Camera, Ultra Wide 180 Degree View, Wi‑Fi & Ethernet connection, Sound & Motion Detection, Day and Night Vision, MicroSD Card Slot, IP-65 Rated

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  • Built-in microphone captures high-quality audio
  • Night vision allows you to see safely, even in complete darkness, for up to 10 metres
  • With sound and motion dectection features enabled, mobile alerts instantly let you know what is happening
  • Certified IP65 rating means you are protected against harsh rain, snow and dust, for surveillance in the toughest outdoors conditions
  • Save clips and snapshots to phone or microSD Card slot


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