DB Power Gamepad Review

Take a look at the Gamepad and it’s clear the team at DB Power have clearly taken inspiration from the Xbox pad design.  This lightweight bluetooth controller is designed to bring console like gaming to your mobile or tablet.

The DB Power Gamepad doesn’t feel as high quality as the Xbox pad it copies, it’s much lighter and the screen holder feels fragile, but the familiar button layout means it sits in the hand nicely.  The screen holder is extendable and means this works with a range of mobile sizes. I tested the holder with both a Sony Z1 Compact and the much large LG G3 and both were firmly held in place.

As this is bluetooth setup was nice and easy, just pair it to your device. It wasn’t totally plug and play (or rather pair and play!) as many games needed to be configured to use the pad, for example assigning the accelerator key. You only need to do that once per game and the next time you load the game up it’ll be ready to play with the Gamepad.

DB Power Gamepad

The use of a gamepad means you get to see the entire screen without your hands getting in the way. It gives you a console like experience, although most games didn’t react as sensitively as you’d expect compared to a console, I suspect this is more to do with them being touch screen games rather than the controller itself.

I also tried it with a laptop and while it paired fine and the Steam menu worked OK, it’s not recognised as an Xbox controller.  This means additional configuration or a 3rd party bit of software is required to get this working correctly.

However that’s a minor niggle as this is really designed for use with mobile phones, and it does that job well.

Low cost option for those looking to add physical controls to their mobile gaming.

Available from Amazon now: http://amzn.to/1uMDUPk

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