Digi4u UC40+ Mini Portable Projector Review

The Digi4u UC40+ mini projector is a low cost little projector that comes with lots of ports for different uses.  It has VGA, AV in and HDMI inputs as well as accepting SD cards and USB memory sticks.

A wide range of video files (3GP(H263, MPEG4) / AVI(XVID, DIVX, H264) / MKV(XVID, DIVX, H264 / FLV(FLV1) / MOV(H263) / MP4(MPEG4, AVC) / MPG(MPG1) / VOP(MPEG2) / RMVB(RV40)), audio files (MP3 / WMA / ASF / OGG / AAC / WAV) and picture files (JPG / PNG / BMP) are supported natively by the UC40+ projector.

Setup is just a matter of plugging in your preferred source and powering the projector on.  Out of the box it sits flat on your chosen surface, but there is a little adjustable leg that allows you to adjust the height, very handy as you’ll likely want this projecting higher up than it would do when sat flat.

Just behind the lens were two adjustment rings, one for focus, the other for the vertical position (to counteract any distortion caused by projecting up at an angle).

On the bottom of the top panel are controls for selecting the input source, the projector can also be controlled via the included remote.

Digi4u UC40+ Mini Portable Projector

The UC40+has an 800 lumen LED which is really poor in daylight, the image is only just visible.  Things improve dramatically when you project in the dark, images look loads better with good colours and great quality considering it has a native resolution of 800 x 480.

Hook up an Android box and you’ve got a brilliant little media and game centre projected onto your wall.

The poor picture in light can be easily overcome by making the room dark, the main issue that remains is the noise of the fan, it’s really loud for such a little box.  The  UC40+ has a speaker built in and so the fan is less noticeable in high volume action sequences in films and games, but the moment things calmed down the fan had a tendency to drown out the little speaker.  Pair this with some speakers or headphones and you might be able to ignore the fan sound, but this isn’t the projector to use in presentation or meeting.

If the fan on the next model could be made to run without making such a din this would be a fantastic little projector for the price, providing you have a pitch black room to set it up in.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1PpHnvt and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/22uwepS


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