Dragon Touch M8 8″ Android Tablet Review

The Dragon Touch M8 tablet is a budget friendly Android KitKat tablet.

The 8 in M8 presumably refers to the 8″ screen which gives you a decent sized screen with acceptable bezel around the sides.  Indoors the screen is fine to use for surfing, game playing, media consuming etc, however it is rather reflective and that makes it difficult to see if outdoors in bright light.

Along the top of the M8 are a range of connections, including HDMI.  Unfortunately no HDMI cable is included with the tablet, a missed opportunity to add a little extra value over the competition.

Dragon Touch M8 Tablet

The overall design is lightweight, thin and easy to hold in the hand for long periods.

The 1.3GHz quad core processor does a good job of keeping this nippy and it handled games fairly well, although the racing game you’ll see in the review video didn’t look as silky smooth compared to other budget Android devices.  It’s perfectly playable and you likely wouldn’t notice unless you happen to play the same game on, for example, your more powerful mobile.

Where the M8 is let down is in the camera department.  There are two cameras available, a front and back, and while functional they proved disappointing.  The camera felt a little slow to react, sometimes leading to blurry shots where you move thinking the photo has been taken when it hasn’t.  Get use to this lag and you can get some OK photos, but it won’t replace your smartphone or dedicated camera due to them being grainy and a washed out.

Dragon Touch M8 Photo 1 Dragon Touch M8 Photo 2 Dragon Touch M8 Photo 3 Dragon Touch M8 Photo 4






Video is a little better, although still not particularly brilliant being a little choppy.

However, this is a budget tablet and it’s better to have a poor camera but decent performance over poor performance and a decent camera.

For everyday use this does the job really well and it does so without braking the bank.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1dEO9my and Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1SOooA4

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