DROCON Traveler Beginner Drone Review

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The DROCON Traveler Beginner Drone is an easy to fly quadcopter that manages to stay fairly stable, surprising given the low price point.

In the box you get the main drone body, an optional camera, remote control, and various replacement parts.

It requires some assembly, you’ll need to attached the landing struts (using the included screwdriver) and the included WiFi video camera (tool less installation).  The WiFi camera records to a microSD card and one is included.

The large battery is charged via a special charging cable and clips into the back of the DROCON Traveler.

To make use of the WiFi camera you’ll need to download the required app and connect your mobile to the cameras WiFi network.  Once connect you can see, in real-time, what the camera sees and can also trigged the camera recording.

The remote has a cool pull out mobile phone holder allowing you to slot your mobile (a OnePlus 5 was used) onto the remote to easily see the real-time camera footage.

The app also allows you to easily transfer files from the camera to your mobile.  Alternatively, you can use the included microSD USB dongle to copy files to your computer.

One of the main problems with low cost drones can be how tricky they are to fly and keep stable.

The DROCON Traveler aims to address this with the inclusion of a take-off/land button.  Press this button and the drone takes off and holds fairly steady a couple of meters off the ground.  Press it again and the drone will land itself.

Over all this is one of the easiest to control drones although being low cost it lacks a lot of the premium functionality you’d find on something like the DJI Spark.  For example, there is no camera gimbal so video footage is generally very shaky.

It’s a very light drone and although it attempts to stay stable it seems to be easily blown about, but in calm weather this is a very easy and fun drone to fly.

The DROCON Traveler Beginner Drone lives up to it’s name, it’s a good beginners drone to have a try of before investing in a more expensive model.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2xxZwGy and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2w9Xs85

DROCON Traveler Beginner Drone Video Review


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