Dubleup credit card sized power bank review

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Dubleup have taken the typical bulky power bank and squashed it down into a credit card sized gadget.

Seeing as power banks are designed to be carried around with you the traditional design can leave a lot to be desired.

Available via Kickstarter to begin with, you can pick from a choice of gold, silver or black.

You also need to pick your connector type as it’s available with either a built in lightening connector for iPod and iPhone (this is Apple certified) or a built in MicroUSB for Android devices (or Windows mobiles if anyone still has one!).

At the time of review there is no USB type C version and there is no way to change the connector type as the connector is built into the device.

You’ll see the silver MicroUSB version in the review video below, looking face on there isn’t anything other than a shiny credit card like device.  As well as silver it’s available in black or gold.

Dubleup Colours

On the back side you’ll see the connector (with small wire), a small row of LEDs and a little button.  This wire is permanently attached to the power bank so you won’t misplace it, and when not in use it becomes part of the power bank, a massive plus over previous power banks tested that require you carry around a seperate cable.

Press the button and the LEDs light up to show you approximately how much charge is available.  These are actually easier to see than you’ll see in the video review below, they give a clear indication of if it needs charging or not.

To charge this you will need a seperate USB cable (which is provided) and this plugs into a USB port on the side of the power bank.

It’s a compact battery that really does just slip into your wallet when not in use.  It doesn’t add much bulk and you don’t notice it in your pocket.

With a capacity of 1280mAH this is designed to get you through the day rather than through multiple charges, keep it in your wallet or purse just in case you need a top up and aren’t near a power socket.

In use this charged an Alcatel Idol 4 (which has a 2610mAh battery) by 4% in 10 minutes.  Given the tiny size it’d be very easy to plug this into your mobile and leave it charging while in your pocket or bag.

The Dubleup power bank is the smartest, most stylish, power bank reviewed and is currently on offer via Kickstarter.

If you want to take advantage of the current offer see the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dubleup/dubleup-the-credit-card-sized-power-bank

Dubleup credit card sized power bank video review

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