DUTISON TK100 IPX6 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The DUTISON TK100 is a rugged looking bluetooth speaker, with the appearance of a mini tank.

This is an IPX6 rated speaker so it’s splashproof, but not waterproof. ¬†Good for resisting gentle spray or the odd¬†splash but unable to last long if submerged.

As just 12.5 ounces the TK100 is a lightweight speaker you can easily slip into a bag.

There are basic controls along the top, under a covering flap on the side is a memory card slot and USB port for charging and a charging cable and aux cable are both included in the box.

The TK100 pairs to your device via Bluetooth 4 and overall sound quality is just OK, it lacks bass and isn’t especially nice to listen to with the volume turned up high, there are lots of better sounding Bluetooth speakers on the market around this price point.

However, the TK100 is a low cost speaker and you’re getting IPX6 protection for not very much money, it’s the ruggedness rather than sound quality you’d buy this for and that makes it idea for holidays where you want a bit of music but don’t want to be worried that your expensive speaker will be damaged by water splashing from a pool.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2kg10ma

DUTISON TK100 IPX6 Bluetooth Speaker Video Review

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