EASYSMX Leagoo Lead 6 Android Mobile Review

The first thing you’ll notice about the Leagoo Lead 6 mobile is the bright neon colouring. It’s available in a range of colours, we had the red/pink version in for review.

The Lead 6 is a duel SIM mobile, with the back being removable to give you access to both SIM card slots and battery compartment.

When powered up you’ll find it runs the rather dated Android 4.4.2. The overall interface is a little different to other Android mobiles, the app tray has been removed and so all your apps are spread across multiple screens.

These screens are bookended by two shortcut pages, on the far left is a music player, on the far right is a photo viewer.

 Leagoo Lead 6

As ever with budget mobiles the manufacturer has to keep costs down and the means you’ll have to make some compromises when buying this very low priced handset.

In general use the handset is OK although it can feel a little sluggish/laggy at times. The front facing 2MP camera is only useful for video calling, the rear 5MP camera produces poor, washed out, results.

LEAD6 Mobile Test Photo 3 LEAD6 Mobile Test Photo 2 LEAD6 Mobile Test Photo 1

Surprisingly the Lead 6 actually managed to run both Asphelt8 and Modern Combat 5, although playable they didn’t run brilliantly, so not a mobile for those who love graphically intensive games.

The 4.5 screen is OK, the small screen size means your hands will likely get in the way when gaming using on screen controls, but for general day to day use it’s fine.

So while you’ll need to accept a number of shortcomings with the Lead 6 what you’ll end up with is a really low cost Android mobile that can do the basics and would perhaps be perfect as a second festival phone.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2la25eH

EASYSMX Leagoo Lead 6 Android Mobile Video Review

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