EC TECHNOLOGY 8200 DPI High Precision Gaming Mouse Review

Having recently tested and loved the EC Technology 2400 DPI gaming mouse (review here) I was looking forward to trying out it’s bigger brother, the EC Technology 8200 DPI gaming mouse.  The 8200 DPI gaming mouse is larger than any mouse I’ve previously used and it initially felt odd in my hand because of the extra size.  As this is a wired mouse there are no batteries and it is nice and light in use.

The 8200 DPI mouse has the usual left click, right click and scroll wheel/click buttons.  However the buttons don’t stop at those as it also has an additional 5 buttons, two on the left, two on the right, and one on the top. I was impressed that they’ve managed to design this so you don’t accidentally click the top button when using the mouse, it sits naturally between your fingers when the mouse is in use.

I like the overall look of the mouse, it’s got a nice high tech look about it and it contains a light which pulses and changes colour depending on the DPI setting you are using.  I was a little disappointed that the lower cost 2400 DPI mouse felt like the more premium mouse, the 8200 DPI mouse didn’t have the same finish at the sides making it feel more plasticy.


8200 dpi mouse

Setup was very easy, just plug the mouse in, download the software and you’re ready to take full advantage of the many buttons and DPI modes.  The software is easy to use, but felt a little cluttered, especially when compared to the simpler design used for the 2400 DPI mouse.  This is a minor point and doesn’t stop the software giving you access to a lot of options, you can control the lighting, assign different functions to all the buttons, set the DPI sensitivity at each available level etc.  There is a lot of functionality at your fingertips and you can save different settings as profiles, allowing you to quickly switch between settings which is especially useful if you’ve assigned game specific commands to the buttons.

Before writing this review I switched back to the 2400 DPI mouse and have to say it felt odd to use, I’d grown use to the larger size of this mouse so don’t be put off if for the first week it feels unusual.  For the price this is a fantastic mouse, I suspect most will consider this 5 stars as it’s only the finish and cluttered software (both of which are very minor personal views) that make this 4 stars for me.

If you’re looking for a very affordable high DPI mouse withs loads of customisation options this is a great mouse to get.

Available from Amazon: http://goo.gl/MPIfBJ




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