Edifier W800BT Headphones Review

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Edifier have featured a lot on Reviewify, and with good reason, they produce really good speakers.  The Edifier W800BT headphones mark the first time a set of Edifier headphones have been reviewed on this site.

You’ll see in the review video below we have the red version in for review, they really stand out and it’ll take a cooler person than me to pull off such a loud colour.  Fortunately if you find that colour a little too much the headphones have also been produced in black and white.

In the box you get the W800BT headphones, an aux cable and a USB charging cable, however no carry case is included.  The W800BT also lacks AptX support, surprising given the price as the W800BT are operating in a very competitive space with stiff competition from headphones such as the August EP650 which do offer AptX.

On the W800BT headphones are just 3 buttons, one on the side to power the headphones on and answer calls, and two on the edge to control the volume and skip tracks.

They’re well padded around the top and ears and they can be easily adjusted for size, but they can’t be folded down for storing/travelling, again surprising given the price.  This won’t be a problem if you’re not taking them out and about, but could be an issue if you want to pop these in a bag, not only do they take up more space but it also means they’re more susceptible to damage.

Edifier have chosen an around the ear fit, the closed back design helps keep external noise out and your music in.  Check out the video below and you’ll see (or rather hear) there’s hardly any music leakage from these.

Given the very reasonable price the headphones sound very good, delivering a good bass and well rounded sound. They don’t overdo any particular area of sound, music sounds very well balanced and dynamic.

Controls are easy to find when you’ve got the headphones on allowing you to quickly skip track or adjust the volume as required.

One very positive thing to note is these have a great battery life, with Edifier claiming up to 35 hours of playback.  If you forget when you last charged it and you do run out of power you can use the included aux cable which also means you can use these with non Bluetooth devices and can use them in situations where you can’t use Bluetooth to connect to your playback device.

While they’re generally comfortable they did feel a little tight, they really clamp on over your ears, so they’re not going anywhere.

Edifier equipment always sounds great and in the speaker market there aren’t too many manufacturers that can compete with the quality/price point.  However the headphone space is different, there are a lot of great headphones around, or below, the W800BTs price point.  They’re a good set of headphones, but they have a lot of competition from the August range.

The Edifier W800BT headphones are available from:

Edifier W800BT Headphones Review

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