Endorsal Review – Easily add testimonials to your website

Editor choice Endorsal Review – Easily add testimonials to your website

From $19 per month

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Endorsal Review – Easily add testimonials to your website
Endorsal Review – Easily add testimonials to your website
From $19 per month
Easy to set up
Automatically publish reviews
Testimonials look brilliant
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I recently had a client via my consultancy business, iindigo.co.uk, who was sick of having to type out testimonials onto her website. The solution was Enforsal.io.

Customer testimonials, automated. Set up in 10 mintues.


Endorsal Set up

Create an account and you’ll be dropped onto your dashboard. You’re given step by step instructions on how to get this up and running with your website, essentially you add tracking code to your website and then add code where you’d like testimonials displaying.

The use of a code, rather than a WordPress plugin, means this will work with any website platform you use, be it WordPress, Wix or AppDrag. I was migrating the client from Wix to AppDrag, in both platforms you can easily add this code.

I’ve also set this up on another client’s WordPress based website, for that I used Google Tag Manager.

As promised, it took 10 minutes to set up the basic functionality.

Automated Customer Testimonials

The client I was from Wix had collected a number of testimonials both offline and via her Facebook page. The offline testimonials were easily loaded into the new system via a CSV sheet.

Online testimonials are where the automated feature kicks in. Endorsal allows you to integrate with both Facebook and Google My Business and pull in your customer testimonials automatically, you encourage people to leave feedback on those platforms and it can be automatically published to your website, no more copying/pasting.

Even better, you can add rules to this process so that only the best reviews are automatically published, for example only 4* and above rated reviews. Anything lower has to be manually checked and released.


In addition to the core features, you can also create a review collection form, called an EndoForm. These can be customised with your brand colours and logo and they require a bit of DNS modification to set up. Don’t worry, this is an easy to do process even for a non-coder like myself but if you have problems the support team are very helpful.

The form is a great tool to help you collect reviews if you don’t already ask people to leave reviews via Facebook or Google, unfortunately, it can’t push collected reviews to Facebook or Google.

There are additional widgets, superlinks, wall of love and FOMO popups to experiment with, all very easy to set up and use.

The end results are brilliant, testimonials look professional, they fit in with the website really well and they’re responsive. For live examples see nutrifi.info and pilatesmovesyou.co.uk.

Endorsal Pricing

At the time of review, Endorsal offered a range of packages depending on how many websites you have. For a single website it costs just $19 a month or $180 a year. If you’re a web design agency it costs $249 per month or $2388 per year for 25 websites.

I currently offer this within a website creation/update package, if you’re in need of a new, fresh, website, get in touch via https://www.iindigo.co.uk/Contact.html and we can discuss your requirements, including the use of Endorsal. My clients benefit from having Endorsal set up and configured for them.

9.5 Total Score
Endorsal Review

Easily add great-looking testimonials to your website

  • Easy to set up
  • Automatically publish reviews
  • Testimonials look brilliant
  • Can't publish reviews back to Google/Facebook
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