Enjoytone W80 Senior Smartphone Review

The Enjoytone W80 Senior Smartphone is a low cost Android mobile aimed for those looking for a simple and easy to use handset.

It has a fairly chunk design with a 4.5″ screen surrounded by lots of bezel and is powered by a dual core processor.

Power on the W80 and you’re greeted by a heavily customised version of Android.  Gone is the standard home screen that you can add widgets to, it’s been replaced with a simplified big button system reminiscent of the Honor Holly ‘Simple’ menu view.Unlike the Honor Holly there is no way to exit this menu system, it’s the only one you get by default.

Press any buttons or menu items and the phone will ‘speak’ the item you’ve pressed.  This is a good idea in theory to help confirm what has been selected, however be warned the voice is heavily accented and some may find it hard to understand what’s being said.

Enjoytone W80

As you’ll see in the review video, it appears some messages are not in English, a big worry if you were to give this to an elderly user who would likely be highly confused by such a message popping up on screen.

As well as the usual microphone jack and volume buttons you also get an SOS button located on the back of the mobile.  This button has been well designed to be easy to press when you need to, but not be easily pressed by mistake.  You can assign an action to the button, for example sending a message or calling contacts, and it’s a great feature for a senior phone.

Another nice addition is the ‘zoom’ app which makes use of the camera to enlarge whatever the phone is looking at like a magnifying glass.

The W80 comes with two cameras, a removable battery and two SIM card slots. There are two cameras, a 0.3 megapixel front facing camera and a 5 megapixel rear facing camera. The rear camera is OK for this price point, it takes OK photos during the day and has a flash for low light situations. Video quality is OK during daylight but poor in low light situations.

Enjoytone W80 Camera Test 1 Enjoytone W80 Camera Test 3 Enjoytone W80 Camera Test 2






For a phone in the price band it was disappointing to find Asphalt 8 wouldn’t even load up. While the target market might not be gamers this is a useful test of how well the phone performs under stress and while lower cost phones are able to play this without any problems this mobile wasn’t even able to start it, crashing back to the main menu after trying to load the game up.

The Enjoytone mobile is an OK phone aimed at a specific audience.  There is a lot of competition at this level and overall the Honor Holly represents much better value for money bar one missing feature: the SOS button.  While this might be the deciding factor if you’re buying this for an elderly relative keep in mind along with the SOS button you might also get non-English  messages being displayed.

Available now on Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1FMK62V and Amazon com: http://amzn.to/1HoU1v5

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