Enjoytone W83 IP68 Mobile Review

The Enjoytone W83 is a 3G Android 4.2 phone with an IP68 rating, duel core processor and 4 inch IPS screen.

As is common with ‘tough’ phones the W83 is a rather chunky bit of kit, but it certainly lives up to the waterproofing credentials as you can see in the review video below, so this is certainly worth considering if you’re regularly near any water.

This extra protection does mean the USB charging port is set further back into the phone and so you have to use an extended tip USB cable.  One is provided, but if lost you won’t be able to use a spare cable to charge the W83.

The W83 comes with a non removable battery, but round the back is a small access hatch which, when unscrewed, lets you add a memory card and up to two SIM cards.

Unfortunately that’s really all the W83 has going for it. In recent years the bar has been set rather high by handsets such as the Holly Honor or the Moto G, both of which offer 5 inch screens compared to the smaller 4 inch screen available on the W83.

There is a noticeable lag when using the main menu, after pressing a button you’re rewarded with a second or two delay.

The lag problem continues when you fire up the camera, which, while claiming to be 8 megapixel, was terrible. The autofocus just didn’t seem to work, shots were repeatidly out of focus.  When it sorted itself out the photos were OK, but nothing to be amazed by.

Enjoytone W83 Photo 1

Enjoytone W83 Photo 2

Enjoytone W83 Photo 3

Enjoytone W83 Photo 4






The video recording function was really useless, when viewing in real time there is terrible lag on screen and this is also present on recorded footage.

Some games run OK, but a well known racing game that runs fine on the recently tested Honor Hollywouldn’t even make it off the starting grid.  Instead the game loads, you can make your way through the menu, then when you to to race you get dropped back to the main menu.

So if you need something that has a little more protection to it than a budget phone this is worth considering. However, if you want a more rounded mobile experience you can get more bang for less cash.

Available now from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/18XJoS8 and http://amzn.to/1EGhd2G

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