Finether DIY 3.8M Portable Extendable Ladder Review

The Finether DIY 3.8M Portable Extendable Ladder is exactly what is says, a ladder that extends up to 3.8 meters.

It arrives mostly ready to use.  Curiously you have to fit one final section, presumably to make it fit into the packaging, and it’s an important one, it’s the bar at the bottom of the ladder.  This proved head scratchingly tricky until I spotted there were unwanted plastic bit blocking the bar from being fitted, once those had been knocked out it only took a couple of minutes to fit this final section.

Note that no tools are provided with the ladder, you’ll need some way of tightening up the included bolts to ensure the bar is nice and secure.

A Velcro stract acts as both a carry handle and keeps these nice and tidy when in the compact mode.  Whip that off and you’re ready to extend these out.

Finether DIY 3.8M Portable Extendable Extension Multipurpose ladder

These can be used in a couple of different configurations, and once you’ve got the hang of how they work it only takes a couple of minutes to reconfigure this from one mode to the other.  You can do this solo, I didn’t need any help.

The actual steps felt thinner than I’m use to, but this is likely due to trying to keep the ladder size down when it’s in it’s collapse configuration.  As you extend the ladder you’ll hear latches click into place, much like a loft ladder.  This allows you to control how tall the ladder it.  When you’re done you use little black catches to retract the ladder back.

This means you have a very versatile ladder, one that can be used indoors for small, lightbulb changing type jobs, or outdoors to inspect your house. Made of aluminum alloy, they feel both sturdy and lightweight.

Very handy for those who might need a set of ladders from time to time but who don’t want to have give up storage space to a large set.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2cTCcuZ

Finether DIY 3.8M Portable Extendable Ladder Video Review


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