Flylinktech 2-in-1 Power Bank Hidden Spy Camera

The Flylinktech 2-in-1 Power Bank Spy Camera is the most useless product ever sent for review.

This is billed as a power bank and spy camera, sounds exciting and a bit different doesn’t it? Unfortunately it fails on all aspects.

It looks much like any other generic power bank, but you realise it’s different the moment you pick it up, it feels far too light. In terms of a power bank it failed to provide my HTC One M9 with any charge at all, not what you need when out and about and needing a top up.

This is meant to also be able to take photos, video and audio according to the terrible instructions, however the interface is so cryptic you haven’t a clue what, if anything, this is doing when you press the unresponsive button. This also comes with a little remote that is nicely designed, but proved to be just as useless as the main unit.

After a lot of messing about I managed to somehow take some photos, still not sure how I did it, and they were washed out and rather poor. Never managed to get any video recorded.

Fun sounding product that has been badly executed.

Available to buy (if you really want to!) from Amazon UK:  http://amzn.to/1lPMtKX

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