FSL 360º Bluetooth Headphone Review

FSL 360 bluetooth headphonesThe FSL 360º are a mid range pair of Bluetooth headphones which are designed and styled around the idea of a single button control system, meaning minimal fuss when wearing them out and about.

Powering them up they’re very easy to setup, just press the button to enter pairing mode, search for the headphones on your mobile/other Bluetooth device, and pair with them.  Once paired they’re ready to use!  Note the headphones can only be used via Bluetooth, there is no option to plug them in to a device so you’re restricted to only using these with Bluetooth able gadgets.

On the right hand ear is the ‘one button control’, although you wouldn’t know it given the design doesn’t suggest this to be anything other than a stylish feature of the headphones.  This is a multi purpose button which has the ability to be both pressed and rotated.  Pressing in turns the unit on, enters pairing mode and handles calls.  Rotating the button clockwise or anticlockwise and releasing it skips track forwards or backwards, rotating the button and holding it rotated adjusts the volume up and down.  It’s a simple system and it works well, you don’t need to see the controls to know what you’re doing.  The button features a multi coloured light to let you know what’s going on, fortunately this is fairly subtle so shouldn’t annoy those around you.

The FSL 360º are charged via a micro USB port, located on the bottom of the right ear unit, a good location as generally you won’t even notice it’s present.  Battery life was very good, with a short charge time of only a couple of hours.  The headphones come with a USB charging cable, the type you’d use for your mobile, as well as a nice case allowing you to store these safely on your travels.

The round design continues on the the headphone cups, with the FSL 360º having rounded, rather than rectangular, cups.  While comfortable they only just fit over my ears so be a little weary if you happen to have larger ears, they might be a little too small to fully cover them.  For general walking around they’ll stay on no problem, but they have a tenancy to slip a little with vigorous head movements so best not to go moshing/head banging with these on.  

Sound quality is very good and although the packaging and manual currently doesn’t state it they feature aptX technology.  The FSL 360 offer an excellent range making music sound rich and full, with a good deep bass that isn’t too overpowering.  They offer excellent isolation from the outside world and the Bluetooth range was easily enough foe the phone to be in a trouser pocket while these were in use.

Being Bluetooth headphones you can also use them to make/receive calls, a feature commonly found on Bluetooth headphones and commonly fairly useless thanks to the microphone being far away from your mouth.  The same is true of the FSL 360º, in the couple of calls attempted the other person sounded great on the headphones but complained I was very quiet on the call even though the call took place in a room with minimal background noise.  

The FSL 360º are great headphones and the inclusion of a case is a bonus, but while the sound quality and fit are very good, they just miss out on being as good as the recently reviewed August EP650 Bluetooth headphones which offer a slightly better sound quality, can be used as wired headphones and are comfortable to use for longer all for a slightly lower price.  

The FSL 360º are available to buy on Amazon: http://goo.gl/xF6vIF


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