FSL Inertia Bluetooth Headphones Review

The FSL Inertia Bluetooth headphones offer a rather interesting design, being in ear headphones that connect only via Bluetooth.  That means there is no cable to plug into your mobile, the only wire is that one that links both headphones to each other.

They also manage to cram in NFC for easy pairing, yet despite all of this technology they don’t look too different to a normal set of wired headphones, they’re not bulky or extra heavy and the lack of wire makes them perfect for those who want a small set of headphones without the bulk of wires, such as joggers.

FSL Inertia Headphones

Included with the Inertia headphones is a comprehensive range of accessories to ensure you get the best possible fit, giving you the options of  different ear plugs and ear fins.  A good quality case is also included and this can store everything, not just the Inertia headphones.

Overall the FSL Inertia headphones were fairly comfortable, with the wire going around the back of the neck it takes a bit of getting use to not having a wire from in ear headphones running down to a mobile.  As mentioned, for joggers these are a great way at getting rid of an extra wire that might get in your way.

The Inertias features a small control section on the connecting wire which allows you to adjust the volume, play/pause and skip tracks by long holding either the volume up or volume down key.  Being Bluetooth the Inertias will also let you know when you get a call, allowing you to answer the call directly on the headphones without having to take out your mobile.

Although comfortable they didn’t feel as comfy as the FSL Zinc in ear wired headphones.  Similarly, although sound quality is good, it didn’t seem as good as the Zincs, sounding a little light on bass.

Certainly a good set of headphones for those who want to eliminate a wire to mobile.

Available now on Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1A5qEK0 and Amazon com: http://amzn.to/13uuj8r

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