GRIPPPZ Magnetic Wristband Tool Organiser Review

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The Gripppz magnetic wristband tool organiser is exactly as it sounds, a wristband which is magnetic and can therefore allow you to have screws and nails attached to your wrist for easy access.

They’re available in 3 colours, blue, red and black.  On arrival there is a small sheet included, this came attached to the wristband by a paperclip, a nice touch that demonstrates how the Gripppz works.

It’s made from Polyester and has strong magnets embedded into.  Despite the magnets the Gripppz is surprisingly lightweight, even when fully loaded up it feels comfortable and doesn’t restrict your arm movement.

It’s designed to fit around anyones wrist, small or large, and it’s held in place via a Velcro strap which is very strong.

You want to pop this on your non tool wrist, so for example if you use your right hand to hammer, pop this on your left.  Although it does a great job of holding on to screws and nails it’s better not to tempt fate into making one of the items fly off because it’s on the same arm that’s hammering away.

You’ll see in the video review below you can hold a lot on the wrist strap, very useful in situations you can’t have your box of screws or nails nearby.

If you do, or you know someone who does, a lot of home improvement work the GRIPPPZ Magnetic Wristband is a very handy addition to your tool set.

The GRIPPPZ Magnetic Wristband is available from:

GRIPPPZ Magnetic Wristband Tool Organiser Video Review


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