HAVIT HV-MS988GT Gaming Mouse Review

The HAVIT HV-MS988GT Gaming Mouse comes really nicely packaged, it’s rather elegant and would looks nice if you happen to be treating someone to the mouse.

The mouse comes with a set of instructions and a USB dongle, which you’ll find stored inside the battery compartment. It takes 2 AA batteries.

There are a couple of switches on the bottom to control the mode, power and light options and setup was really easy, just plug the USB dongle in and you’re ready to go, there is no additional software to install and Windows 10 recognised this immediately. If not used for a while the mouse automatically powers down into a standby mode, just click the button and it reactivates.


As well as the usual left/right and forward/back buttons there is a scroll wheel button and a couple of extra buttons you’ll want to check the manual about. One of the buttons changes the DPI of the mouse, the other acts as if you’ve clicked the left mouse button twice.

You can also set this to media mode, this changes the use of some of the buttons, for example the scroll wheel adjusts the volume instead of scrolling. It’s a nice additional feature but not one I’ve made much use of.

The mouse feels very comfortable in the hand and I forgot it was a wireless mouse, it doesn’t feel heavy even with batteries in.

Really cool wireless mouse.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1t81WKb and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/1U4ocOJ


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