Homido VR Headset Review

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The Homido VR headset can be seen as either a low cost alternative to the Samsung Gear VR or a more expensive version of Google Cardboard.

Unlike Google Cardboard the Homido VR headset is made from plastic and has straps on to keep the headset to your eyes without the need to hold it and feels like a well made bit of kit that won’t fall to bits or dissolve if it gets wet.

You’ll need to provide a phone to use as the screen, and this is held securely in place at the front of the unit.  A range of phones are supported, with the optimum phone having a 5″ screen capable of full HD and powered by a quad-core processor.

In the video review Android and the play store are mentioned a lot, but the Homido is also compatible with various models of iPhones as well.

Various adjustments can be made to the screen to get it in focus, and the Homido comes with several adapters that you can pop the lens in to help compensate for being near or far sighted.

Homido VR Glasses

It’s comfortable to wear even with a mobile adding weight and allows enough adjustments to ensure people of all head and hair shapes and sizes can make use of the unit.

There is a companion app available from Homido that helps you find content to view, once installed just fire up the app you want to try, pop the phone in the front, and off you go!

Tested using the excellent LG G3 the experience was great, giving a good taste of the potential VR has.  Cheap Finasteride (generic Propecia) is available on this site http://www.noc2healthcare.com/propecia-finasteride-online/ which can be delivered to any US state. At the moment there are lots of basic games, rides and environments to explore, but there isn’t really a killer app just yet.

Unlike the cheaper Google Cardboard the Homido doesn’t have a way to select items, so if you want to interact or change apps you need to take the mobile out of the headset, which can be a little frustrating but at least getting the phone out and popping it back in again is a quick and easy.

If you like the idea of VR this is a solid bit of kit to get a taste of whats to come from things like Oculus Rift and the recently announced HTC Vive.

Available now from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1FMusTn and Amazon com: http://amzn.to/1BEFNim

Homido Virtual Reality 3D Wireless Headset Glasses for Smartphones - Black

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  • Compatible with Android and iOS Smartphones
  • Smartphone clip safely secures your device in place
  • Enjoy 3D content
  • Watch immersive 360 degree spherical videos
  • Virtual Reality gaming - immerse yourself in the virtual environment and look around in all directions

Homido Mini Virtual Reality Glasses for Smartphone

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  • A Concentrate of VR
  • Custom-made lenses
  • Foldable
  • Hundreds of compatible apps available
  • Enjoy 360° videos, 3D content, YouTube and more

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